Various Types of Homeopathy Courses

Those who are new students wishing to take up homeopathy as a career will know that there are various types of homeopathy courses available both online and offline at local homeopathic schools. In fact,whether you are just interested in the academic pursuit of homeopathy or wish to take it up as part of their career goals, there is a different kind of course available for you.
Here are just some of the types of homeopathic courses available for you to choose from:

Medical doctor homeopathic training

doctorBy far the most popular type of homeopathy course, medical doctor training for homeopathy allows a medical doctor to supplement his or her regular practice with homeopathic remedies.

There is a focus on healing and using homeopathy to treat illnesses and symptoms of disease.

This course is probably the longest, as it still requires years of medical training to complete. On average, you will need to take a four year undergraduate course followed by another four years of graduate level training.

Naturopathic homeopathic training

medicinalOn average, a naturopathic homeopathy course requires at least five years of training.

It is very similar to becoming a medical doctor, but it requires extra courses such as pharmacology, homeopathic and holistic health care training, botanical medicine, and even toxicology.

It is a more holistic approach than becoming a medical doctor.

Isopathic homeopathy training

Isopathic homeopathy uses causative agents to create remedies. This course is perfect for those who want to get into homeopathic research.

Research and clinical trials is what makes homeopathy the potent healing method that it is today. Anyone who wishes to further the cause and discover new medicines should choose to go into isopathic homeopathy training.

This video compares the difference between homeopathic remedies:


Family homeopathic training

You can choose family homeopathic training as a kind of short course if you do not want to turn it into a career. If you are the type who simply wishes to self medicate or to use home homeopathy, this is a good option for your.

These courses can last from several weeks to about a year. You can also go choose part time or full time study depending on your needs.

Homeopathic philosophy training

homeopathyThere are also those who would rather choose a course that specialises in something a bit more on the history and philosophy of homeopathy rather than on other things.

Homeopathic philosophy uses a mix of classical homeopathy and modern homeopathy, giving the students a deeper understanding of what it means to become a homeopath.

This is a purely academic pursuit and will have little practical application, but it certainly is a good approach if you wish to have a more in depth understanding of the topic.

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