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Why Training is Necessary
Some people believe that there is no need to be trained or become a member of a healing organisation; that healing is a God-given gift and one doesn't need to be trained. The WFH believe that healing is indeed a gift but that gift should not be taken lightly and, if we are to be responsible to others, we should learn to develop that gift and learn to use it wisely.

The WFH Healer Training course will lead you step by step on a path of awareness and development. Whether a complete novice or someone who has some experience but wishes to underpin that knowledge, this course will enable you to become a fully confident, professional Healer, recognised by the NHS Trust as belonging to an accepted healing organisation.

The WFH is working, along with others within UK Healers and the Confederation of Healing Organisations, toward self-regulation adhering to minimum standards of training, best practice, and continuing professional development (CPD). We believe that patient care is our primary concern and, in that respect, we have a strict Code of Conduct that all our healers adhere to and disciplinary procedures in place, should the need arise. For some healers, it will be enough to give healing to just their friends and families. However, if a healer is hoping to work with other healthcare professionals or set up their own practice, they will need to be seen to work to certain set standards in order to protect the general public.

This is why healers should also have a basic understanding of Anatomy and Physiology. Some healers argue that this should not be necessary because they act as a 'channel' for the healing energy and it is not they who are doing the healing. The truth is that if we are to be accepted by the medical profession, we do need to be able to have a basic understanding in order to talk with professionals. It would be very difficult for a healer to be taken seriously if this were not the case.

WFH Healer Training
Pre-requisites are:

  1. Membership of the World Federation of Healing
  2. A minimum age of 18
  3. An open mind
  4. Being able to give unconditional love

Important are:

  1. The ability to love oneself
  2. A thirst for knowledge
  3. A sense of humour!

The course will help you develop most of the above and initially some people may find e) a challenge! However, over the course of two years, you will learn a lot about yourself as well as others and, happily, the ability to love oneself will evolve, as you yourself evolve.

Part of the reason why we feel a two-year course is so necessary is that every student will develop their awareness; they will search their inner selves and process a lot of feelings and emotions. This isn't just a course about how to give healing; it's a voyage of discovery; of self-awareness and awareness of what's around us. It teaches us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and the consequences if we don't. It teaches the true value of meditation and stillness - to just "be". Most of all, it de-mystifies healing and shows how we are all capable of it.

Very importantly, we learn how to protect ourselves and our patient when healing.

In the second year of training, each student is expected to provide four case studies. These are people or animals who will receive healing at least 3 times, so that a record can be built up. Each case study is asked to provide a letter (from the owner in the case of an animal!) to explain how they have reacted to the healing, what benefit they have received, how they feel the healer conducted themselves, etc.

At the end of the two years, there is an assessment of every student. Each of their assignments, folders and case studies are checked so that the assessment panel gets a more rounded view of the student. There is then a chat with members of the panel, to put the student at ease and find out more about their aspirations, followed by a question and answer session and a short demonstration of their healing ability. When they pass they receive a certificate to state that they have successfully completed their two-year course. They may then upgrade to Full Healer category. If they fail, the points of concern are discussed and they are given a chance for re-assessment after an agreed time. Our aim is to produce good healers not failures!

The Course
You will be guided through varied aspects of healing. In essence, the course covers:

1  WFH Formation
2  Healing - Ancient and Modern
3  Therapies/Approaches currently in use Today
4  The Nature of Healing
5  The Role of the Healer
6  Spiritual Attunement and Healer/Client Attunement
7  Absent Healing
8  The Healing Procedure
9  Explaining Healing to a New Patient
10  Healing Guidelines
11  Protection
12  Thoughts on 'Death'
13  Self Awareness and Responsibility
14  The Place of Relaxation and Meditation
15  The Power of Positive and Negative Thinking and
       Emotional Balance and Imbalance
16  Basic Counselling
17  Energies, Meridians, Chakras and Auras
18  Incarnation, Reincarnation and Karma
19  Record Keeping
20  Healing Animals
21  The Code of Conduct
22  Emergencies, Health and Safety
23  Anatomy and Physiology
24  Setting up a Healing Centre of Your Own
25  Healing and the Law
26  Code of Conduct Review
27  Constitution Review

However, tutors are encouraged to supplement these chapters utilising their own skills and students find that the course covers a very broad spectrum. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The WFH don't impose a minimum fee for training. We leave it to our tutors' discretion as to how much they want to charge. However, it should be noted that most will need to cover the cost of venue, light and heating, refreshments, travel etc. It should also be noted that Tutors are giving of their time.

Student membership is Ј35 annually plus once only Joining Fee of Ј20. Students need to purchase a manual at Ј9.75 plus postage and packing. There is an Upgrade Fee at time of assessment of Ј20.

Why the WFH?
Becoming a member of the World Federation will enable you to have complete support throughout your membership. You will have access to the Members Area (Coming soon!) of our website and information about our Regional Groups and what they offer, e.g. workshops, meditation groups, meetings.

We will give you insurance cover. This is at a preferential rate because you would be a registered student healer recognised by the UK Healers group - the UK's regulatory body for healing.

You will receive the twice-yearly Newsletter and Healing World Magazine; be entitled to attend our Annual General Meetings and biennial Conferences and be privy to our wealth of knowledge and worldwide contacts.

As a member you would have affiliate membership of the Confederation of Healing Organisations and have access to their Continuing Professional Development programme. You will be kept up to date about the laws regarding healing, CPD, legislation etc.

But most importantly, you will be trained by, in our opinion, the best healing tutors the country has to offer.

What are you waiting for?

Becoming a WFH Tutor
We consider our tutors the lifeblood of the Federation. Without them there would be no continuation.

Each one has been a Full Healer member of the WFH or of an organisation with similar principles, for at least two years. They will have had experience of teaching in some form or other, e.g. running workshops, development groups or circles. Some have teaching qualifications but this is not essential. We provide a training manual, also encouraging our tutors to utilise their own skills and develop the course to suit the group.

To become a Registered Tutor, you will have attended a WFH Tutors Seminar, where you are taught the basics of the manual; how to attend to the paperwork; set assignments and complete regular assessments of your students. The emphasis is on non-rigidity - the manual is written as a guideline only. However, tutors are expected to cover each of the Chapters in the manual within the two-year course. This is all explained at the Tutors Seminars.

You will need to have good organisational skills, drive, energy, discipline; be tactful, a good counsellor, and above all, possess lots of enthusiasm and, sometimes, tenacity!

The majority of our Tutors choose to hold groups once a fortnight but this depends on the locality of the venue in relation to where Students live etc. not to mention time constraints. As long as the minimum number of hours (104) is covered over the two years, it is down to agreement between Tutor/Students/WFH Training Coordinator.

Some Tutors choose to have other therapists come in to enhance the training, maybe holding workshops on crystal therapy, breathing techniques or animal healing, for example. A First Aid course is often suggested as an add-on, and attendance by students at outside workshops, MBS Fairs, demonstrations and CPD should be encouraged.

The WFH does not impose a fee structure on its Tutors, preferring instead to let them decide what is best for them. This very much depends upon the amount of Students within a group and whether the Tutor has overheads to consider, e.g. the cost of venue, light and heating, refreshments, travel etc. The fact that you are giving of your time should also be taken into consideration.

Why the WFH?
As already stated, we consider our tutors the lifeblood of the Federation; hence they are given full support. You will be kept up to date about the laws regarding healing, CPD, legislation etc. and will have the opportunity to attend our regular Tutor Seminars. Most importantly, you will be part of the development of, in our opinion, the best healers the country has to offer. Being a part of someone's progression along their healing pathway is truly inspirational. To watch them grow over the two years, personally and professionally, is a joy to behold. If you truly care about the healing world and helping create healers who will feel the same way, get in touch TODAY.

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